Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp
Easy to use modeling tool for MEP contractors
Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp

Trimble® MEPdesigner for SketchUp is designed for the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) contractor who is looking for a cost-efficient and easy-to-use 3D CAD solution.  The solution features tools that allow you to easily create custom components and route conduit and cable tray within the SketchUp Pro platform.

This version features the ability to easily use out-of-the-box parametrically generated electrical systems including conduit, cable tray and device boxes.

While, adding the pieces is important even more important is what MEPdesigner allows you to do with these intelligent systems:

  • Bendable Conduit - When modeling your conduit, an elbow is not always necessary, with this unique to MEPdesigner for SketchUp feature,you can model your conduit as it is actually installed in the field, giving you a more accurate BOM from your 3D model.
  • Part Grips- Add, move, stretch and flip, this feature makes changing or editing new parts much faster with greater accuracy

  • Create custom components – import models from other sources (like manufacturers) and add additional intelligence to them. This intelligence allows you the flexibility to predetermine connection points and specific sizes

  • Load background files – Begin adding your electrical components based on coordinated models

  • Add Layout Points – once model coordination is complete and you’re ready to install your hangers easily add layout points with the free add on of Trimble Field Points for SketchUp

  • Collaborate with other trades – With Trimble Connect and Tekla BIMsight (a free coordination tool) working together with other trades on a project has never been easier, and helps you save on those costly rework expenses

Check out the videos above or our YouTube page to see these features in action.

You can get started designing quickly with this tool and at an easy to manage price of only $348 (USD) a year, that’s only $29/month.

Stop worrying about how you can implement 3D design and BIM in your business and try Trimble MEPdesigner today!

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With the ever changing demands placed on MEP contractors to do more with less, few solution providers today have the suite of technology solutions that span the needs of the office to the field---all while helping to lower risk and allowing the contractor the ability maintain profit margins. Trimble's expertise in positioning technologies for mobile workforce productivity combined with key domain knowledge in the sub-trades, enables the MEP Division to meet the large and small MEP customers needs.
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