Total Station Point Importer
Imports points produced by total stations point files (txt/csv)
Total Station Point Importer

This is a simple importer that takes coordinate points produced by total stations and other precision measuring devices and places them into SketchUp.  The plugin will mark each point location with a construction point and the user has the option to tag each point with point information, add a component marker for better visibility and draw a path of the shoot.

The importer can process csv and txt files that contain the following 5 pieces of point information in the following sequence:

PointID | Coord (N or E) | Coord (E or N) | Coord Z | Feature info

Many of the modern total stations and other precision positioning tools can produce files in this "style" or configuration.

To activate the importer....  Plugins > "Total Station Point Importer"

You can download a csv sample file to play with here -


NOTE:  This plugin currently reads only CSV files that have been saved under the Windows "end of line" encoding.  

Version Notes:

1.0.1 -  Importer will now allow for float and integer coordinates in the same line.