Profile Builder (Free Edition)
Model intelligent building materials using parametric tools with extreme speed and accuracy
Profile Builder (Free Edition)

Profile Builder is like the Follow Me tool 'on steroids'. It has been designed for professionals who want to model intelligent building materials with extreme speed and accuracy. It may forever change the way you model with SketchUp.


  • Ability to define and save custom profiles (Note: This feature is disabled in the free version)
  • Intelligent modelling of real building materials
  • Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path
  • Ability to edit a path and automatically update the extrusion
  • Full control of profile orientation (placement point, rotation, offsets, etc.) along a path
  • Profile Member Path Inferencing (PMPI)
  • Automatic edge smoothing
  • Export material quantity reports
  • Downloadable profile libraries

For a complete description of features, download the PDF User Guide (English)

Profile Builder comes packed with hundreds of profiles including:

  • Mouldings (Crowns, Bases, and much more)
  • Steel shapes
  • Lumber
  • Crown
  • Concrete curbs
  • Circles
  • Squares


You can now purchase the Pro version directly from the Extension Warehouse!

For support, or to purchase the Pro version for $20 US which allows Customized Profiles and Libraries, visit or Proflie Builder Pro at the Extension Warehouse.


How to Update Profile Builder Pro for SketchUp 2014

If you have purchase Profile Builder Pro from and wish to upgrade to the latest version, use the MySmustard toolbar OR find the download link on the original email you received when you purchased.


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