Unwrap and Flatten Faces
Unwraps faces and lays arbitrarily oriented faces flat on the ground.
Unwrap and Flatten Faces

This extension allows the user to do two things:

  1. Unwrap non-coplanar faces uaing an automatic (random) algorithm and then lay the resulting set of faces flat on the ground.

  2. Lay any arbitrarily-oriented face or collection of coplanar faces flat on the ground. Use e.g. in combination with a manual unfold tool or to make sure faces are perfectly horizontal.

This extension is useful for e.g. producing fabric or sheet-metal templates, laser-cutting templates, as CNC-prep, for texturing, etc.


Select one or more connected faces in your model and right-click on them to get the “Flatten Faces” context menu. All selected faces will be grouped in this process. See the video below for examples. Please note that the faces must not be grouped.

Also keep in mind that the unwrapping algorithm doesn’t always work automatically. It basically starts at a random face and tries to line up all faces in a logical pattern (a “string” of faces if you will). If this doesn’t succeed, then it tries 100 times to get this right. If it still doesn’t work (you get an error or the results don’t look right), re-try with fewer faces in your selection and stitch them manually. Each run is random, so results can vary between tries.

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