Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only)
Solids union, subtract and trim tool. Designed to be more consistent to other Sketchup tools than Sketchup's own solid tools.
Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only)

For legal reasons thisplugin is only available for Sketchup Pro since it's very similar to the Pro solid features.


Menu: Tools > Eneroth Solid Tools

Union: Add one solid group or component to another.

Subtract: Subtract one solid group or component from another.

Trim: Trim away one solid group or component from another.

If tools are activated with 2 solids selected, the plugin guesses the biggest one is the original (the one to keep but change) and the smallest is the one deciding how the original is modified.

The original will keep its layer, material, attributes and even ruby variables pointing at it unlike how native solid tools work. Layers and attributes of entities inside both of the solids will also be kept.

If you start the tool with no selection you'll be asked to click each solid, first the original and then the one used to alter it.

Any of these solid tools can be activated and used to check if a group or component is regarded a solid by hovering it and see if it's highlighted.

These tools unlike the native solid tools completely ignores nested groups and components so you can for instance easily cut away a part or add something to a building even if it has windows or other details drawn to it, as long as the raw geometry inside it form as solid.

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Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only) 1.0.1; November 19, 2014
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