Brighter3D rendering plugin
easy to use and powerful renderer for SketchUp
Brighter3D rendering plugin

Now version 2.5.0!

Brighter3D combines a user friendly interface with a rendering powerhorse under the hood. Both beginner and advanced users will benefit from this efficient tool.

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What you get:


Unbiased Rendering

Advanced and fast Unbiased Progressive Rendering Mode (UPRM) - you get a preview in seconds, and a perfect image in minutes.



Support for any lighting scenario: Artificial, Daylight and HDRI Lighting, or a combination for improved realism.


Regular Mode Rendering

In Regular Mode Rendering (RMR) the final image is computed  line by line right from the beginning to the end, thus guaranteeing that the difference between the calculated pixel value and the “true solution” will be less than 2% in contrast metrics. According to Weber’s Law, errors of this scale are undetectable by the human eye.



This is a innovative, unique technology to Brighter3D. It allows for a noise-free image right from the start.



Brighter3D provides a wealth of over 100 types of materials, and allows you to create millions of them, combining reflectance, refraction, index of refraction, Fresnel parameter, and many more. These materials are realistic sets of parameters, measured from real-life materials by scientists, adjusted and optimised for true realistic renderings.


Multi-threading & Memory

Fully utilizes CPU power (multitasking) and is optimized for  Intel processors, and does not require  a  fancy graphics card. Also, memory use is drastically optimised, thus lowering the  technology  barrier for realistic and fast renderings.



Brighter3D is affordable. The free version has some limitations regarding resolutions and some advanced features, but allows many useful rendering scenarios. The paid for PRO Edition gives advanced users the full power and efficiency of Brighter3D.


Download Brighter3D now and you'll start rendering in minutes, even if you are a total beginner.

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Brighter3D easy rendering plugin for SketchUp developer.
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