A powerful vertex editor for SketchUp!
Create and modify 3D text geometry.
Suite of tools for working with imported map data to generate buildings and stepped terrains.
Automatically softens and smooths autofolded edges.
Bulk reset of group and component's axes.
Create bezier surfaces from bezier patches.
Generates a 2D or 3D mesh from a bitmap image.
Collection of camera and viewport related tools.
Tools to export Cities Skylines assets and create guide grids for modelling.
Cleans up and optimizes your SketchUp model.
Context menu access to component properties.
Replace group or components while preserving position and scale.
Draws greometry or guides from boundingboxes of selection.
Drag and drop interface to installing Ruby plugins.
Suite of tools to simplify edges, close gaps, cleanups and more.
Orient selected faces to face the sun in SketchUp.
Recursively converts groups to components.
Set of tools for creating construction points.
Explode all images in model.
Adjust the opacity of Image entities.
A small utility to quickly hide layers by click on entities.
Create named groups.
Tool that let you replace materials by picking from the model.
Remove and manipulate materials. List texture sizes and file sizes.
Creates Dog-Bone fillets on picked faces.
Generates model statistics.
Tool to pick an entity from overlapping entities.
Rotate components around their axis.
Tools for inspecting normals and UV mapping.
Adds a suite of tools for working with non-planar quads in SketchUp.
Collections of tools based on raytracing - drop, rayspray, grow component to contruction points.
Rotate and scale in one operation.
Adds "Scale Definition" to Groups.
Selects connected edges.
Cycles through previous selection sets.
Allows the user to create, manipulate and filter selections.
Offsets the surface in selected groups or components.
Adds menu items for easy installation of RBZ or ZIP packaged plugins, as well as RB and RBS files.
Smooths all hidden edges in model.
Inspects and highlight problems with solids.
Inspect and repair solids in SketchUp
Quickly re-attach Glue To components to the faces they lie on.
Library of shared functions used by other extensions.
SketchUp's missing geometric privitive — Martin Newell's teapot!
Search and replace text in Text entities.
Inspect and modify the transformation matrix directly.
Suite of UV mapping tools.
Suite of tools to aid working with V-Ray for SketchUp.
Checks if files in the Plugins folder has ended up in Windows' VirtualStore.