LightUp is the fastest and simplest SketchUp renderer on the market. Experience true real-time rendering all within the SketchUp window. SketchUp has never looked so good!
Photovoltaic simulation: from modules layout to production and economics results.
A SketchUp extension to easily transfer a project to ArchiWIZARD, a real-time energy and solar analysis tool
Dynamic Components add parametric behaviors and animations to SketchUp.
Simple environmental analysis & LEED evaluation
Walk through your SketchUp file as easily as you would play a board game. edddison enables you to advertise, sell and plan construction projects using touch devices and mixed reality technology.
The gbXML and Energy Analysis Plugin
Groundhog is a SketchUp extension for creating and exporting Radiance Models, for daylighting analysis.
The Havok@SketchUp™ is an add-in that extends the functionality of SketchUp- a Trimble Buildings solution, by allowing export of 3D model geometry from SketchUp to Havok® for real-time simulation.
The IESVE plug-in for SketchUp enables the direct translation of models for performance analysis within any of the IES tools